About the Trust

CGS Trust is a Bristol based multi-academy Trust formed in 2012 which seeks to provide outstanding education for its pupils.  Currently the Trust has three schools – Colston’s Girls’ School, the Dolphin School and the Kingfisher School. The Trust has been invited to open a further Primary School in September 2015 on the former Fairfield School site in Montpelier. The Trust is developing  a family of schools over the coming years and therefore it is a very exciting time for all members of  the CGS Trust.

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Core Vision and Values

Our belief is that all young people can succeed if they have access to exceptional education in an empathetic, supportive environment. It is our ambition to provide this for all pupils in our schools.

The primary aim of the Trust is to ensure that all members of the family of schools develop a deep and sustained passion for learning and the academic and character skills necessary to achieve their ambitions and to prepare them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life as global citizens.

In essence we shall be ‘Shaping the Future’.  We shall expect every member of the Trust community to take responsibility for shaping their futures and be instrumental in shaping the futures of their communities.  The Trust has a set of core values which are embedded in all of its schools whilst allowing each learning community to develop a distinctive identity relevant to its local community.  The core values across the family of schools are: Respect, Responsibility, Curiosity, Resilience and Ambition

The strategic aims of the Trust are

  • To secure high quality education provision that generates high aspirations and achievement
  • To create a network approach to school improvement
  • To ensure all pupils excel across a range of performance measures
  • To develop outstanding leadership and Governance within all schools and across CGS Trust
  • To create thriving learning communities

The Trust’s strategic aims and ambitions are aligned with those of its supra sponsor, The Society of Merchant Venturers

The condition required for the Trust to achieve its ambitions of a focus on every child achieving to their maximum potential will be:

The creation of a challenging, engaging and values led curriculum which focuses on the characteristics, values and habits that last a lifetime curiosity, creativity, confidence, ambition, resilience, optimism, responsibility  and emotional intelligence

  • Developing clearly defined challenging goals for English, Maths, Science and the enabling subjects of the Humanities, Languages and Computing as well as core skills
  • Promoting cultural appreciation and a global perspective which will prepare pupils to take their place as active citizens
  • A strong focus on supporting and engaging parents particularly in the early years and in the most disadvantaged families, with the aim that learning within the school and the wider context is enjoyed by everyone.
  • Promoting wider community involvement, including links with businesses and community groups
  • A commitment to distributive leadership across the Trust and to empower staff through supportive and targeted professional development
  • Creating the systems, which enable learning to be at the heart of everything we do in the Trust

 What does this mean for the Trust Community?

For pupils
A coherent, rich and responsive curriculum that;

  • establishes high aspirations and expectations
  • nurtures and celebrates a range of talents and skills
  • unleashes curiosity and creativity
  • exposes children to new experiences, situations and challenges
  • develops independent minds
  • builds capacity to be reflective, resilient, resourceful, enterprising and self assured
  • provides stretch and challenge
  • supports the development of healthy minds and bodies
  • a respect and responsibility for family, community and the environment

For parents

  • a commitment to working in partnership with parents
  • an active involvement in their child’s education

For staff

  • development of a professional learning community
  • commitment to a planned programme of Continuing Professional Development for all staff
  • growing our own leaders, teachers and support staff
  • responsive and register the difference in care needs of our school community

For governors

  • commitment to excellent training
  • thoughtful use of the skills and talents of current governors and considered succession planning
  • participation in a range of school activities
  • a sense of the benefit of contributing to the ongoing development and furtherance of the schools within the Trust

For the Trust partners

  • support the dissemination of best practice across the family of schools – innovation, policy and practice, systems, research, pedagogy
  • enable expertise, leaders, materials and support services to be shared across schools
  • enable more efficient and effective use of resources
  • strengthen and coordinate community, business and university links for students and staff

Draft Key Targets for the next three years linked to the Trust vision and values

  • Creation of a nationally recognised CGS curriculum for schools which develops our core values and key employability skills and is in line with critical national drivers
  • Pupil achievement is in line with the top quartile for attainment and we aspire for progress to be within the top 5% nationally
  • 100% teaching is outstanding or good
  • CGS Trust is a centre of excellence for leadership
  • 100% of parents will participate through initial engagement through to involvement
  • Each school has a strong and recognisable partnership dimension in their plans which supports  real life learning and progression for the pupils
  • Every member of staff and all pupils will have the skills to lead and have led age appropriate community activities that make a difference
  • Learning environments which are attractive, stimulating and well resourced
  • Professional standards and quality assurance systems are clearly defined and owned by the Trust community
  • Flexible school day and year that supports learning and builds in capacity for extending school day & year

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