About the Trust

CGS Trust is a Bristol based multi-academy Trust formed in 2012 which seeks to provide outstanding education for its pupils.  Currently the Trust has three schools – Colston’s Girls’ School, the Dolphin School and the Kingfisher School. The Trust has been invited to open a further Primary School in September 2015 on the former Fairfield School site in Montpelier. The Trust is developing  a family of schools over the coming years and therefore it is a very exciting time for all members of  the CGS Trust.

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Our belief is that all young people can succeed if they have access to exceptional education in an empathetic, supportive environment. It is our ambition to provide this for all pupils in our schools.

Our primary aim is to ensure that all members of the CGS Trust family of schools develop a deep and sustained passion for learning and the academic and character skills necessary to achieve their ambitions and prepare them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life as global citizens.

In essence we shall be ‘Shaping the Future’ and the core values of Respect, Responsibility, Curiosity, Resilience and Ambition will underpin all that we do in this educational community. Whilst we shall have common themes across all schools, we shall meet the needs in each school’s context.

The core and enabling subjects will be supported by the development of key themes of employability, internationalism and sustainability.Each school will develop a specific theme for its pupils.   In part these have already begun to emerge as CGS is a Language College. The Dolphin School is a school which teaches the French Language, The Kingfisher School has identified enterprise learning as a specialism and Fairlawn will develop a STEM core learning theme.

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