School Council

What is School Council?

The School Council is currently made up from a mixture of Form Captains, that have been chosen by each form, and other students that have taken an interest in the subjects and issues we are talking about at the time. Each Form Captain  will bring forward issues that their form has raised so that we are able to accommodate all students and their problems. We also discuss how we can raise more money for charities the school supports and how we can make all school systems more efficient.

Teachers will occasionally join our meetings to educate the members of the council on current affairs and how to approach them. For example, we are currently being informed of mindfulness techniques in hopes that we will be able to pass these on to our forms and fellow classmates as this will benefit them especially in exam season.

The group of students that make up the School Council consist of the Head of the meeting (who is a member of Y11) , usually a member of staff and a Form Captain from each tutor group. The School Councillors are responsible for feeding back to their tutor groups the topics that were discussed and any proposals made. The Form Captains are in charge of telling the tutor group about any upcoming events. They are also in charge of bringing forward any issues or concerns their fellow classmates have.

Why do we have a School Council at CGS?

School Council tries to make our school even better than it already is by reporting issues and trying our hardest to solve them; helping to improve our school, in the eyes of both pupils and staff, which benefits us all.  At CGS we want everyone to feel comfortable and safe at school and by having a School Council we are able to ensure everyone is happy with how the school works and that they are satisfied that their views and opinions are heard.

As an example of how we try to improve the school we, as a council, recognised that the school toilets were unsanitary and unpleasant. As a result of discussion and bringing this matter to the attention of the Senior Leadership Team this problem was solved with regular toilet checks and air fresheners being installed.

Core values…

The foundation of the Colston’s Girls’ School community is built on our school’s core values – Curiosity, Responsibility, Resilience and Respect – and the school council works hard to always incorporate these in everything we do throughout each pupils daily life!

Your School Council needs YOU!

If you have any interest in the School Council or wish to raise any problems or disputes you have, come along to a meeting on a Wednesday during form time.

By Lucy England (School Council Chair Person)