Homework timetables are worked out jointly by the Heads of House except for the Sixth Form where there is no set timetable.

Time allocated to homework:

Year 7 On average one hour per night with one and a half hours at weekends.
Years 8 and 9 On average one and a half hours per night with longer allocation at weekends.
Years 10 and 11 Pupils are encouraged to be flexible.
Years 12 and 13 Pupils are expected to complete six hours individual study per subject per week.

In Years 10, 11, 12 and 13 homework must be used for GCSE and A level course and project work.  All assignments must be given in blocks of homework and lesson time so that pupils can see exactly what is required of them and subjects not using coursework are not penalised by having homework time ‘siphoned off ‘.

1 (a) homework will be collected by subject staff at the beginning of the lesson.


(b) in the Lower School, homework will be collected by the monitor and put in the subject teacher’s drawer before first lesson.  A list of missing books, with explanations, should accompany it.


(c) it will be the responsibility of the individual pupil to hand work in to the subject teacher’s drawer at the required time.

The subject staff will make it clear to pupils which method is to be used.

2 Pupils who are late or who have forgotten their work should apologise to the staff concerned at the first opportunity.  If homework is not done for some specific reason there should be a letter from the parent explaining why.  This can be written in the pupil’s diary.

3 If pupils miss a lesson during the day when they are in school, eg. for an instrumental lesson, they are expected to copy up the work missed and do the homework.

Coursework should be handed in to members of staff directly, not placed in staff drawers.

Sanctions are issued if homework is submitted late with no valid reason for doing so.  Please see page 24 and 25.

Guidelines for using computers in Coursework/Assignments

Pupils must realise computer malfunction is not an acceptable reason for failing to hand work in.  Pupils may be penalised if they fail to meet a deadline for this reason.

Following these simple guidelines should prevent the situation arising:

Install a reliable anti-virus programme on your computer and update it regularly.  Updates should be downloaded at least once a week.

A good, free, anti-virus programme called AVG can be downloaded from www.grisoft.com.

Have a supply of spare printer cartridges in case you run out during a long print run.

Backup your work regularly onto an external device.

We recommend that all pupils use memory sticks for moving data between home and school.  They are compulsory for all Year 10/11 pupils.

This ensures you have a hard copy to show staff you are actually working at the task.

Do not leave printing your work until the last minute.

If you do, and then have a problem, it will be almost impossible to rectify the fault in time.  Aim to complete work well in advance of any deadline.

All staff are aware of these guidelines.  They will expect work to be completed on time.  If your computer at home fails, you will be expected to produce your backed-up copy.  If you do not have this, you will not be given an extension because you have not followed the above guidelines.

If you are at all unsure about these guidelines, talk to one of the IT staff.