School Houses


In September 2016 we launched our new House System. The system is vertical so each House will have students from Year 7 -13. Siblings are in the same House.

Each House is named after an inspirational female and has an associated colour which is signified by a lapel badge. Students are expected to wear their badge at all times on their blazer.

Heads of Houses have pastoral and academic oversight for Year 8 – 11. Year 7 and the Sixth Form have their own Year Leader. Heads of Houses and the Year 7 and 6th Form Leaders have support from a Pastoral Support Team


Head of Houses

Austen Amethyst Miss Jones
Curie Emerald  Mr Nodes
Frank Sapphire  Miss Phillips
Johnson Ruby  Mrs Cooper
Parks Amber  Sr Martin

Head of 6th Form – Ms McCullagh

Deputy Head of 6th Form – Miss Lippiett

Head of Year 7 – Miss McKenzie-Smith

Pastoral Support Team – Miss Radford and Ms Walley

Student Leadership

In order to provide student leadership opportunities each House has a House Captain and a Deputy House Captain. These roles are supported by House Leaders who lead on the areas Sport, Communications, Charity, Academic Support, Pastoral Support, Equality and Competitions.  These roles are available to Year 10 and 11. Students in Year 7, 8 and 9 are able to take on leadership roles within their Tutor Group; these roles work closely with the House Captain and House Leaders.