Business Studies

GCSE Business Studies (Edexcel)

Is GCSE Business Studies the right course for me?

If you aspire to be the next Richard Branson, JK Rowling, Alan Sugar or Simon Cowell, or you like watching programmes such as The Apprentice, The Hotel Inspector and Dragons’ Den, then this may be the subject for you! You will need to have an interest in current affairs.

What will I learn about?

  • Entrepreneurs and how they spot opportunities
  • Different forms of business ownership
  • How companies add value and compete in the market
  • Invention, innovation and the protection of business ideas
  • Business finance and accounting
  • Business planning and sources of finance
  • Marketing – price, product, place, promotion
  • Human Resources – recruitment, training and motivation in the workplace
  • The economy – interest rates, unemployment, international trade, exchange rates
  • Customer service
  • Branding and differentiation
  • Stock control
  • Laws to protect employees and consumers
  • Communication in the workplace
  • The environment and the impact of business
  • Business ethics and corporate social responsibility

How will I be assessed?

You will complete three units of work:

  • Unit 1 (25%) – Examination (objective test and short-answer questions)
  • Unit 2 (25%) – Controlled Assessment
  • Unit 3 (50%) – Examination (short and long answer questions)

The Controlled Assessment involves a study of a small, local business and you will be given a choice of themes. The themes change each year, but past topics have included:

  • studying an entrepreneur and their use of creative thinking/leadership style
  • investigating how a firm competes with its rivals
  • analysing motivation methods used by companies to increase productivity or add value
  • assessing the marketing mix of a company and how effective it is
  • investigating interest rate fluctuations and how they have affected a small business
  • tracking changes in commodity prices and analysing the effects on a small firm

Staff contacts

Mr M Roulston, Head of Department

Miss G Gibbons, Head of Department

Mr S Tibbenham, Teacher