Life at CGS is a launchpad to life. Alongside her academic, sporting, music, social, dramatic and many other pursuits, your daughter will need guidance as she identifies her strengths and chooses a direction. She will receive this as part of her PSHE course, with particular emphasis on key transition points.

Girls at any stage of their school career are welcome to visit and use the resources in our Careers room which is adjacent to the New Dining Room and Sixth Form Resource Centre.

Curriculum outline

Years 7 and 8

Students are encouraged to start thinking about their future possibilities through visiting speakers and focused careers sessions in Activities Week. This prepares them for the increased careers focus from Year 9.

Year 9

As part of the PSHE course, girls learn about careers, including setting targets, creating action plans and considering the relationship between work, individuals and society. Guidance is offered to help with GCSE subject choices.

The students also take part in the Real Game which encourages them to consider their future careers aspirations as well as addressing important life skills such as finance and budgeting. Support is also offered from an external company – NEWS – to support selected students with their GCSE and Post-16 choices.

Girls are invited to attend any of the lunchtime careers seminars to find out more about particular career areas.


There is a range of books and publications to browse in the Careers Library, covering subjects from part time jobs, to gap year ideas, to what it’s like to work in many industries.

Plus, here are a few websites to get you thinking:

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Mr M Roulston