Food and Nutrition

Introduction and benefits

In Food and Nutrition we aim to:

  • Provide a stimulating and safe environment
  • Enthuse students to understand the need for a healthy balanced diet and apply this knowledge to themselves and their lifestyle
  • Encourage students to understand the need to adopt different approaches to food according to circumstance, time and place.
  • Enable students to have an understanding of the science of food
  • Produce inspirational, confident and skilful cooks
  • Inspire students to use all the technology available and that yet to be available
  • Use technology and the equipment appropriately and creatively

Curriculum outline

Year 8 and 9

During Year 8 and 9 students work in Food and Nutrition for the whole academic year. The curriculum focuses on five main areas of food studies:- healthy eating, international cuisine, food handling and preparation skills, food hygiene and safety, and consumer awareness. Additional skills are also covered including the identifying of needs, research techniques, planning, making and evaluating. Students complete an International Festivals Project in Year 8 and a Food Preparation & Nutrition Project in Year 9. The use of ICT is integral and pupils are also encouraged to transfer skills, knowledge and understanding from other areas of the curriculum.

Year 10 and 11: Food Preparation & Nutrition GCSE

Students develop a high level of knowledge, understanding and skills to cook and apply the principles of food science, nutrition and healthy living.

Learn about food provenance and why we choose to eat certain foods

Explore a range of ingredients and processes from different culinary traditions (traditional British and international) to inspire new ideas of modify existing recipes.

Build up a practical cooking skills portfolio helping to prepare you for an independent life style. The range of skills include: effective and safe cooking skills by planning, preparing and cooking using a variety of food commodities, cooking techniques and equipment).

Complete a series of practical cooking and investigative assessments.


There is a modern food workshop, well equipped with cookers, microwave ovens and small electrical equipment which students are encouraged to use whenever appropriate.

The department has access to a nearby suite of PCs to enable individuals to utilise ICT to support their studies.

Extra curricular

A successful International Cookery Club has been attended by Year 9 students who had the opportunity to cook a range of authentic multicultural food dishes. The club has hosted a range of local chefs from Gloucester Road who shared their specialist cuisines and cooking skills with pupils.

A successful cross-trust cooking event took place at Kingfisher Primary School this summer, which involved the Year 9 cookery club girls and 45 Year 5 and 6 pupils. Mexican Chimichangas were on the menu inspired by the visiting chef from La Ruca on Gloucester Road.

During activities week, the department runs a specialised cake decorating course and summer competition. Year 8 students develop the following practical skills and techniques: modelling with fondant icing, piping butter-icing and chocolate cutouts to decorate a cake in the theme of Roald Dahl and Endangered Animal Species.

Staff contacts

  • Miss I Partridge; Head of Department
  • Miss E Cornelius