Introduction and Benefits

Our Library is here to support the whole school community – students and staff. It is a comfortable and welcoming space where everyone can come to learn. We aim to provide all the resources and services needed to support teaching and learning at CGS including independent learning. The Library can be used at all times of the day, the doors are always open. A homework club is held in the Library each day from 4.00 to 5.30.

Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader is a programme to encourage reading and is followed by Year 7 and 8. Each girl takes a Star Reading test to find out their book level for optimum reading development. She will be given a personal reading target for the year. Girls take quizzes when they have finished reading a book and there are incentive rewards throughout the school year including prizes, certificates and special badges when a million words have been read.

Sixth Form

There are resources such as books and periodicals as well as electronic resources and selected websites to support all A level subjects.

The library is a place for quiet study during lesson times.

The Librarian can always be consulted about any of your research requirements. If we do not have the resources you require talk to the Librarian to arrange how these can be accessed beyond CGS.


  • Books
  • Journals and magazines
  • Films, music and audio CDs
  • PCs
  • Colour printer and copier
  • Chrome books
  • Online resources


  • Girls in Year 8 and 9 have the opportunity to work as a library assistant.
  • Girls in Year 10 and 11 who are taking their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award can sometimes arrange to carry out part of their award by service in the Library.