Introduction and benefits

For years 10 and 11 view our Biology, Chemistry and Physics pages.

Our team of thirteen specialist science teachers aims to:

Present their subject in ways which stimulate interest and scientific curiosity
Develop knowledge and understanding of scientific facts and concepts
Develop skills in experimental and investigative science
Encourage awareness of the ways that science and technology can affect our society and environment
Foster consideration of the moral dilemmas that can result from our scientific progress
Science is accommodated in seven well-equipped laboratories; two for each subject area. Practical work is supported by a team of enthusiastic, well qualified technicians.

Curriculum outline

Year 7

We follow the National Curriculum for Science and use our own in-house schemes of learning.  Topics covered include:

7B1 Cells and the beginning of life
7B2 Organ systems
7C1 Chemical reactions
7C2 Elements and compounds
7P1 Energy and matter
7P2  Electricity and magnetism

Year 8

8B1 Health and the Human body
8B2 Plants and photosynthesis
8B3 Adaption and inheritance
8C1 Purity and separating substances
8C2 The Periodic table
8C3 Chemical reactions 2
8P1 Forces
8P2 Light and sound
8P3 Power and Sankey

We follow the National Curriculum for Science and use our own in-house schemes of learning.

Year 9

Science is taught as 3 subjects, Biology, Chemistry & Physics and all students are taught by 3 teachers (or on occasions 2 teachers).

The top 2 sets (approx. half the year group) start GCSE Triple Science courses. Please see individual subject areas for GCSE topics.  Topics taught non-Triple science groups are:


9B1 Biodiversity and the Environment

9B2 Key Concepts in Biology


9C1 Resources, Earth and Atmosphere

9C2 Materials and Metals


9P1 Pressure and Space

9P2 Force and Motion


Useful websites for revision include:

Extra curricular

Students in triple science sets will have the opportunity to attend Science Live. In the past students have found these lectures interesting & inspiring.

Staff contacts

  • Miss C Shipton, Head of Biology
  • Mr T Frew, Head of Physics and Joint Head of Science
  • Mrs L Brittain, Head of Chemistry and Joint Head of Science