Years 10-11 Introduction

Key Stage 4 begins in September with the GCSE Evening for Y10 and ends with the Y11 Yearbook and Prom.

Our school provides strong pastoral support for all girls in Year 10 and 11. We try to increase the girls’ feeling of well being and competence to cope with pressure and adversity. One strategy we use to provide effective support for the girls’ is counselling.

At Colston’s Girls’ School we have a friendly community where girls are valued and encouraged to speak openly about any personal or subject-related matters with whichever member of staff they feel most comfortable.

At GCSE level we work towards all girls reaching their potential. We help them to achieve this by monitoring their progress, setting targets across all subject areas, and providing a variety of learning pathways.

We aim to foster an environment where the girls act in a mature and responsible way. We encourage independent research and for the girls to take responsibility for their own success.

GCSE English Language and Literature, Mathematics and Science

Staff Contacts

  • Mr A Nodes, Head of House, Y10
  • Mrs K Cooper, Head of House, Y11