Years 7-9 Introduction

Introduction and benefits

At Key Stage 3 we aim to foster a serious attitude to academic study whilst also providing a broad range of extra curricular experiences. The traditions of the school are used to give a sense of history, continuity and belonging to our school community.


  • Regular assemblies of the lower school are held to disseminate information and provide opportunities for pupils to give presentations that they have prepared.
  • We take our pastoral care responsibilities very seriously at CGS and know from experience that academic achievement is supported by a myriad of other factors in a young person’s life. Friendship issues, social and personal confidence, health (both mental and physical) all have a bearing on the academic success of the individual. At this age in particular, social competence and feeling secure and happy are crucial.
  • The role of the Form Tutor cannot be overestimated and we aim to develop a rapport with individual pupils through this daily contact. The Form Tutor is the main reference point for social and academic issues and the first point of contact for parents. Regular one to one discussions are held and home-school contact is expected on a weekly basis via the school diary.

Extra curricular

In the Lower School at CGS we provide a broad range of extra-curricular experiences to suit the needs of the individual’s interests. These range from sporting activities and events, musical opportunities and also more academic options such as debating club, ‘horrible histories’, ‘raving readers’, the school production, netball, Chamber Orchestra.

We strongly encourage all students to attend at least one extra-curricular activity.

These opportunities allow students to a) integrate and make new friends; b) build up their confidence and self-esteem; c) extend their horizons.

Our students say:

Athea in Year 7 says ‘I enjoyed my first year at secondary school, made lots of new friends and the French trip was awesome’.

Olivia in Year 8 says ‘Changing forms right at the start of Year 8 helped me make new friends and I am enjoying doing well’.

Maisie in Year 9 says ‘I made new friends during production week, I worked harder during Year 9 and I also got better grades as a result.’

Staff contacts

  • Miss E Keddie, Head of House, Y8
  • Miss R Jones, Head of House, Y9