Year 12 Induction Summer 2017

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Presentations and summer assignments 

Introduction and benefits

At Colston’s Girls’ School we believe that you can be anything you want to be and you will be encouraged to pursue your dreams and ambitions. Our aim is that every Sixth Form student will leave with a range of skills, interests and academic achievements which will form the basis of a happy and fulfilled life.

The support we provide allows you to focus your attention on A Level success and exploring the most appropriate path in life for you whether that is at university here or abroad, college, taking a gap year, doing an apprenticeship or going into employment.

Life for a Sixth Form student at Colston’s is both enjoyable and stimulating. The atmosphere is more relaxed and informal as is the relationship with subject staff. The emphasis is on self-motivated, independent learning, developing new skills and taking a greater responsibility for your own work. These are all qualities that you will find essential for university study and your future career.

As senior students, Sixth Formers play an important role as leaders of the school community and have many opportunities to work with younger pupils through the School Council, helping out with Lower School classes, the form-prefect system and through extra-curricular activities. They also share in the day-to-day running of the school and they have the opportunity to represent the school in public on many important occasions throughout the year.

The Sixth Form students benefit from a Common Room, a resource room for private study and research and a café where students can go to chat and relax. The Head Girl Team also has an office next to the Common Room. There are new library facilities and new and refurbished departmental areas and a garden where BBQs are held for the Sixth Form and guests.

Preparation for Higher Education is excellent

There is an extensive programme of careers talks. UCAS preparation day, Interview day, the Oxbridge forums, the Oxbridge conference and an Oxford open day.

We have a programme of lunchtime careers talks with speakers/admissions tutors invited in to talk to students.

We have UCAS Day during study leave for the Yr 12 where we have someone from Bristol University come in to talk to the girls about their personal statements and applying to University and then they sit down and do a first draft of their personal statement with their mentors.

We have Interview day in June where members of the business community come to interview the Yr12 girls and provide them with feedback.

We attend the Oxbridge conference in Cardiff in March and an open day for Oxford or Cambridge in July.

We attend an Open Day at UWE and at Bristol University.

We attend the Bristol Higher Education Fair in March.

Pastoral Care

Whilst there is a big focus on independent learning, each student also has a mentor to guide and advise them. We have thirteen Sixth Form mentors, seven in Year 12 and six in Year 13 who see the students at least once a week and oversee their reports and their pastoral well-being and help to set and monitor their targets.The mentor will be responsible for collecting information and compiling a first draft reference for UCAS and for guiding you through the personal statement with the help of the Head of Careers and the Head of Sixth Form. Any concerns or problems that you may have will be dealt with by the mentor and the Head of Sixth Form where appropriate. Each student will therefore have the support necessary to fully focus on making the most of their time in the Sixth Form.

Extra curricular clubs and out of school activities

Whilst students are guaranteed an excellent academic education at Colston’s Girls’ School there is also so much more on offer:

  • At the beginning of Year 12 students have a day of seminars on independent learning and time management. This helps to bridge the gap between GCSE and A level and gives students a sense of responsibility for their own learning. There are then follow-up sessions with mentors throughout the term.
  • There are city breaks on offer throughout the year and recently the Year 12 went to London and had a full day of activities with lunch at Hard Rock Café.
  • Students participate in the Envision volunteering programme and this year one of our students won Student of the Year.
  • There is a Sixth Form Formal Christmas Meal and this was very successful last year.
  • Students can become involved in the public speaking competitions through the Gabblers Society and the BPW events.
  • Students can participate in the school drama productions and in the school choirs.
  • Sporting activities continue with golf climbing, karate, dance and fitness classes among the many activities on offer.
  • There is the opportunity to do some form of community service and this is the student’s choice.
  • And of course there is the opportunity to be involved in the Young Enterprise Scheme. The companies from Colston’s Girls’ School are always very successful and for the last few years the teams have made it through to the Area or Regional Finals. Nebula from 2012 won the Bristol Final and the National New Media Award and Ingenuity won the Best Company Report award at the 2013 Area final.
  • The opportunity to continue with the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is available for all those wishing to take advantage of this. Find out more at
  • The Sixth Form are also responsible for running charity events and each year a large sum of money is collected by the school for a wide range of charities.
  • There are regular events such as BBQs and visits to the theatre, cinema and Laserquest.

Our students say:

Many of our students say that their time in the Sixth Form was the most enjoyable part of their school life and that they loved the extra responsibilities and privileges on offer.

‘There are loads of opportunities available to help you progress.’ Sofina Begum Pir

‘Anything is possible here as I am on the Head Girl Team and never thought I would be.’ Bethany Gatehouse

‘It’s a supportive environment.’ Molly Dennis

‘Where new friendships start.’ Pareece Clifford Welsh

Staff contacts

  • Ms K McCullagh, Head of Sixth Form
  • Miss E Lippiett, Deputy Head of Sixth Form