Information for Parents

A Partnership with Parents

Our aim is to draw on the knowledge and experience of our parents/carers as well as the wider community to help us move forward together for the benefit of our students.

The involvement of parents/carers is vital to the success of our young people. Parents/carers have regular opportunities to meet staff and discuss their child’s progress.  Throughout the year Parents/carers receive data regarding grades and a more detailed written report.  Parents/Carers also have the opportunity to attend Parents Evening.

Engaging parents/carers and the wider community is important to us.   We are keen to invite parents/carers into the school in order to engage with the community via workshops and assemblies.  We also run various school events such as Presentation Evenings, School Fayre, Drama and Music Productions and a number of PTA events.

Contacts with Staff

Please write a short note/email or telephone the School with the pupil’s name and form and the reason for contact. School diaries can be used as a form of communication between staff and parents.  The following are appropriate points of contact for the listed matters:

Pupil Reception – general enquiries.

Form Tutors – uniform, long-term illness, bereavement, day to day matters.

Subject Teachers – problems with homework/classwork.

Heads of Department – Matters of discipline and sanctions within lessons.

Heads of House – Long term or more serious problems.

Principal – Notification of leaving or moving.

Attendance Officer – Requests for leave of absence, lateness to school, illness.

Some Points for Parents

These are some of the ways in which pupils can be supported:

  • Set aside some time each week to sign the pupil school diary.
  • Review rewards and stages received.
  • Attend the Parents’ Evening to meet pupil’s Form Tutor and subject staff and discuss pupil’s progress.
  • Ensure pupils have the proper equipment especially a suitable bag for carrying books etc without them getting dog eared.
  • Check that uniform is correct and smart.
  • Please make sure that all possessions are named.
  • Make sure they have a quiet place to study at home and that they get into the habit of doing their homework regularly before watching television or going out.
  • Younger pupils should be sure to get a good night’s sleep.
  • For older pupils the benefits of a Saturday job should be balanced with the need to commit themselves to much more extended private study.
  • Sometimes it will be necessary to correct pupils behaviour and we need you to support the school in this.
  • We undertake to give every pupil every possible chance to improve and to treat everyone fairly.
  • If there are any factors which may affect your child’s performance or well-being please let us know.  We will treat all confidence with discretion and sensitivity.

Snow Arrangements

In the event of overnight snow, the Acting Head of School will ring Radio Bristol and GWR by 6.30 am and a message will be posted on the School website if the school is closed.

Please avoid phoning School and check the website.

Please note that in the event of snow during the day, school will not close early.

A Last Word

We are all different and bring to school our own joys, sorrows and problems but our aim is to provide a safe and happy working environment for us all.

We hope your daughter will be happy and successful here at Colston’s Girls’ School and that our association with you and your family will be long and fruitful.