School Visits and Trips

Whenever pupils take part in a School organised visit or trip they are representing the School and therefore the School Protocol applies.

Visits are arranged by various departments during the year. These are a valuable extension to the curriculum and often relate to topics studied in the classroom, e.g. theatre trips and visits to farms, museums and art galleries.

It is expected that all pupils take part in and pay for group outings. There is special consideration for those receiving free school meals. If there are any problems with finances please contact the Head of House for your daughter.

Some visits will involve pupils participating in School events eg. for sport, music, Young Enterprise and public speaking.

Information about the visit will always be sent in advance to parents and a reply slip will be attached for permission and/or payment. Reply slips are not expected for regular participation for example, in a sports team.

Pupils will not be able to attend unless the permission slip is returned by the date stated along with any required payment.