Attendance & Absence

All pupils should be targeting 100% attendance.  Your daughter’s attendance will be monitored on a weekly basis by her Head of Year.

It is important to remember that it is up to the school to authorise a pupil’s absence from school in all situations.

Authorisation of all leave of absence requests will be based on the pupil’s attendance to date, whether the absence will be detrimental to their education and whether the reason for the leave of absence is deemed by the School to benefit the pupil.

The procedure for requesting Leave of Absence is as follows:

  1. A Leave of Absence form is available from the Pupil Reception or the school website.  This form must be completed by a parent/carer and returned to the Attendance Officer.
  2. This form plus a Leave of Absence Response Form will then be forwarded to the Vice Principal who will liaise with the Head of Year and Assistant Principal and a decision will be made regarding authorisation.
  3. The Attendance Officer will return the Leave of Absence Response Form with a final decision.

Absence for Illness

Parents are asked to telephone the School Office or email as early as possible after 7.30 am on the first day of illness.  They must state the pupil’s name, form, details of illness and expected date of return.

If the pupil continues to be ill then parents are requested to call again on day 3 of the absence to update the school giving a new expected date of return.  If the illness persists for longer than one week then evidence that the pupil has been taken to see a doctor will be required.

The school will not authorise absence for repeated recurrence of the same illness without valid evidence.

Medical/Dental appointments

Only emergency medical appointments and unavoidable medical appointments, such as orthodontic or hospital visits, will be authorised and supporting official documentation, such as an appointment card, will need to be provided in advance of the appointment.  This information will be recorded in the register so that your daughter’s teachers are aware that she may need to leave the classroom part way through a lesson.  Students will not be permitted to leave the school site unless we have a record of this notification.  For their own safety, pupils will not be able to leave the school premises on their own to travel to an appointment and must be collected by a parent/carer.

All routine medical and dental appointments must be made outside of school hours.  These appointments, and those not pre-notified to the school, will be recorded in the register as an unauthorised absence.

If an urgent medical appointment is required and your daughter will miss registration, parents should leave a message on the pupil absence line (0117 942 4328, option 1) with an indication of when the pupil is expected to arrive at school.  The pupil should hand in evidence of the urgent medical appointment when signing in at Pupil Reception on arrival.

Parents should be aware that a letter or phone call does not in itself authorise the absence.  Only the school’s acceptance of the explanation will authorise the absence.

Request for absence during Term Time.

Family holidays must not be taken during school time.  In very special circumstances the Head of School will consider a written request before any commitment or booking has been made.  A form is to be completed to request such leave of absence.  This form is available at the Pupil Reception or can be downloaded from the school website. (Procedure as above)

Absence for Religious Observance

Requests for leave of absence for days of religious observance should be made in writing to the Head of School at least one week in advance.

Release Home

If you are taken ill or injured whilst in school, the School First Aider will obtain permission for you to go home.

Special Circumstances

A letter from the parent is required to exempt a pupil from games or physical education.  Exemption from games or physical education, other than for short breaks, will be granted only on receipt of a medical certificate.

If there is a special circumstance for which leave of absence is to be requested it is to be done so in advance and authorisation agreed.

School events such as Prize Day, Commemoration Day, Charter Day and the Carol Service are part of the school tradition and attendance is compulsory.

Parents should contact the Head of School in writing if there is good reason to ask for exemption from religious education or services, or other activities of the school.

Unauthorised Absence

If a pupil’s absence is not verified by 9.00 am then it will be deemed as unauthorised and the code changed in the register. A message will be sent out by Schoolcomms to request that you contact the school immediately.

Unauthorised absence will remain on the pupil’s record.

Penalty Charge Notices are issued if the pupil reaches 10 sessions (5 days) of unauthorised absence.