Keeping informed about your child

Parents will be updated on their daughter’s progress on regular occasions throughout the year. Parents (and their daughters from Year 9 onwards) will be invited to a Parents’ Evening.  They will also receive two written reports; one interim and one full report from subject teachers and form tutors.  Parents will also receive regular updates on their daughter’s effort and academic progress in the form of effort and attainment grades, recorded and distributed on 3 occasions in the School year.  These also form the basis of target setting sessions led by your daughter’s form tutor.

The School may also communicate with you when issues arise that require intervention and support, both pastorally and academically.  In these instances communication will be through the most appropriate individual, often the Head of Year.  If at any stage you as parents have any concerns, then you should always contact your daughter’s form tutor in the first instance.  More general communication will be through the School website and letters.

Reports and Assessments of Students

Student reports consist of written comments by all subject teachers and an evaluation of a range of skills, some generic and others specific to a subject.  They are intended to be objective, formative and positive, discussed by student and form tutor.  Parents are encouraged to respond to them with their own views.  They will include estimates of final grades for subjects approaching external certification.

Student assessment operates on a range of levels.  All students are assessed on a regular basis by each subject according to the School’s Assessment Policy, available on the School website.  Assessment data is considered alongside target grades for external examinations, and students and parents are encouraged to engage with this process.  This is facilitated by the formal communication of effort and attainment grades on three occasions each year.  These are linked to National Curriculum levels or GCSE grades.

Students will all sit internal examinations in some subjects at the end of each academic year.  They will also sit external examinations as they progress at appropriate stages in their development.  GCSEs consist of final examinations at the end of Year 11.  Coursework, controlled assessment and modular examinations occur throughout Years 10 and 11 and some in Year 9 where appropriate.