Punctuality & Rewards

We expect pupils to have a punctuality record of 100%.

The school day begins at 8.20 am and ends at 3.45 pm. Registration starts at 8.35 am. Please ensure that you are punctual at the start of each day and for every lesson and other time-tabled activities. Remember that lateness hinders your education and wastes the time of others.  Try to think ahead and show consideration for others.

Minutes late per day during the school year Days worth of teaching lost in a year
5 Minutes 3.4 Days
10 Minutes 6.9 Days
15 Minutes 10.3 Days
20 Minutes 13.8 Days
30 Minutes 20.7 Days

Frequent lateness can add up to a considerable amount of learning lost, and can seriously disadvantage your child.

School begins at 8.35 am.

Please help your daughter to be punctual.

Parents are asked to telephone the School Office or e-mail admin@colstonsgirls.bristol.sch.uk as early as possible after 7.30 am to explain their daughter’s lateness.  Registers close at 9.05 am.  If your daughter arrives after this time her lateness is recorded as an unauthorised absence until it has been explained by a parent, and she will be issued with an automatic detention with the Vice Principal.

If due to exceptional circumstances your daughter arrives after the start of the School Day she must sign the Late Sheet at the Pupil Reception giving the reason for being late.

If your daughter is late more than three times in a half term (arriving after 8.35 am but before registers close at 9.05), a letter will be sent home informing you she has been issued with an after school detention where she will be asked to complete a form explaining why she has repeatedly arrived late to school and how she is going to improve her punctuality.  This detention will run from 4 to 5 pm and will override any after school activity she may be involved in.


Certificates are awarded at the end of each term for 100% attendance and punctuality.  Certificates are also awarded to those pupils who have improved their attendance and punctuality.