Rules and Guidance

Principles and Guidance for Pupils

The guiding principles at Colston’s Girls’ School are those of honesty, fair-mindedness, hard work, enjoyment and treating others with proper respect and consideration.  We also attach very great importance to manners, good discipline, service to others and to caring for the school environment.  We value both effort and achievement and we encourage every positive contribution that a pupil makes to the life of the School.

In addition to these principles there are some firm rules which everyone should know and which are necessary:-

  • for the safety and well-being of everyone at the School
  • for the reputation of the School Community as a whole
  • for the protection of School Property and the wider environment.

The Rules apply to all age groups and at all times when a pupil is:-

  • at school, representing the School or wearing school uniform
  • travelling to and from School
  • associated with the School at any time.

The Principles, Rules and Guidance that make up this Protocol are addressed to each pupil.  Some of them necessarily apply also to parents.  Compliance with this Protocol and each new edition of it is a condition of membership of Colston’s Girls’ School.  Parents are asked to read through this section with their daughter from time to time.

Please visit the policies page to see the Behaviour Policy.

Conduct And Self Respect

Commitment:  You represent Colston’s Girls’ School whenever you wear your uniform.  We hope you will take pride in your membership of the School, be our ambassador on all occasions and enjoy your time here.  You are expected also to take pride in your conduct and personal appearance and show commitment to your academic, sporting and leisure activities and always to do your best.

Appearance and Dress:  School uniform must be worn during school hours and for other school activities.  You must be smartly turned out and in all other respects conform to the School’s dress regulations.   Shoes should be clean and hair styles and colour must be moderate.  The only adornments permitted are one small plain gold or silver stud in each ear lobe and a wrist watch.  Other earrings, studs, tattoos and other adornments of that nature are not allowed.  Hair colour must also be moderate and natural.

Honesty:  The School Community relies on each pupil being honest and truthful and showing a good example to others.   Never cheat, steal or tell lies and remember that being found untruthful usually carries the greatest disgrace of all.  If you find, or in some other way you come into possession of, money or property that does not belong to you, ensure that it is given back or handed to a member of staff as soon as possible.

Personal Initiatives:  You must ask the Head of School’s permission in advance if you wish to form a club or society or produce or distribute any written or printed publication within the School or externally about the School.

Behaviour generally:  Your behaviour must be a credit to yourself and to the School, whether at School or in public places such as streets, on public transport or on coaches and whether in or out of School hours.  Always consider the consequences of your words and actions on yourself and on other people.  Never do something you think is wrong.  Eating in the streets is not permitted.

We value a calm working atmosphere.  Verbal abuse of any kind, including bad language or shouting is unacceptable to the School.

Respect For Others

Effort and Achievement: At Colston’s Girls’ School we look for fulfilment and enjoyment and we are positive in everything we do.  We respect and encourage each other as individuals and as members of teams.  We also encourage inquiry, hard work, high standards and competition.   We take pleasure in each other’s achievements and we never mock each other’s effort or failure.  Each pupil has the right and the responsibility to contribute to this ethos.

Courtesy and Good Manners: From time to time members of staff, parents, visitors to school premises and other pupils may need assistance.  Please be ready always to offer help.   It is very important that you should, even if to do so causes you inconvenience.

In the Classroom: We expect you to make it as easy as possible for everyone to learn and for the teacher to teach.   You should stand up whenever a visitor to the School, or the Principal, enters the room.  Your books and equipment should be ready for the start of each lesson.  Keep the classroom tidy and pleasant to work in.

Sporting Courtesy: Whether you are competing or a spectator at team events or taking part in some other competitive activity, you are expected to behave with good manners and at all times to set an example that reflects well on the School.  Be equally gracious in defeat as in victory.

Bad Language: The use of bad language is unnecessary, insulting to others and damaging to the person who uses it.  For these reasons it is forbidden.

Bullying: Bullying is a serious matter which may lead to exclusion.  Threats, physical attack, name-calling, mocking, harassment, racism, sexism and all forms of victimisation are bullying.  Bullying has never been tolerated at Colston’s Girls’ School and will not be excused on the grounds of it being part of a game.  If you think someone is being bullied, you should inform any member of staff in confidence.

Mobile Phones: Whilst mobile phones are allowed in school, they must be turned off in Assemblies, lessons and activities and kept in lockers.  They should not be used in corridors or public areas inside the school and will be confiscated if seen in these areas.  Under no circumstances may photographs or recordings be taken on the School site.

Equal Opportunities Policy: The School has an Equal Opportunities Policy and expects the highest standards in language and behaviour, and mutual respect between all members of the community.

Respect For Property

Bounds: You may enter and use most areas of the School except any to which entry is expressly forbidden.  On no account however may you enter or use an area if by doing so you are threatening your safety or the safety or privacy of others.

Vandalism, Graffiti and Litter: Vandalism and graffiti-writing on school premises and elsewhere are regarded as serious breaches of school discipline.  Please report, in confidence, any incident or wilful damage to any member of staff.  Please take pride in your school environment and help keep it tidy.  If you find litter, pick it up and dispose of it securely.  Use the green bins as appropriate to help us fulfil our mission to be a Green School.

Accidental Damage to Property: You must report to any member of staff any damage you cause to property which is not your own.  You may be asked to pay for the damage.

Your Personal Property: All your clothing, footwear, bags, cases, books and musical instruments and such items as your fountain pen, watch, calculator etc. must be clearly marked with your name.  You must make secure or hand to a member of staff any money or valuable items which you cannot keep with you during lessons or games.  You must not bring to school large amounts of money or other expensive items of property.  MP3 players and mobile phones are on the premises entirely at the pupil’s own risk.

Other People’s Property: You must not interfere with other people’s property or open bags or lockers which are not your own.  If someone has lent property to you it must normally be returned immediately on request.  You must not borrow someone else’s money, property, books, notes or projects without their previous permission.  Be strictly honest with regard to money or property that does not belong to you or that you find.  If you are in doubt, ask a member of staff.

Motor Vehicles: If you bring a car or motor cycle to school, it must be parked safely off-site.  Passengers are carried entirely at their own risk.  We recommend that girls do not travel in their friends’ cars.

Bicycles: Bicycles must be left in one of the designated areas, securely padlocked.  The use of a “Shackle Bolt” is recommended.  You are strongly advised to wear a safety helmet when riding to and from school.  Parents must make certain that you are insured against Third Party Liability and you are advised also to insure the bicycle, marking it with the home post-code and noting the frame number.