Careers Advice and Guidance

Introduction and Benefits

Life at CGS is a launchpad to life. Alongside her academic, sporting, music, social, dramatic and many other pursuits, your daughter will need guidance as she identifies her strengths and chooses a direction. She will receive this as part of her PSHE course, with particular emphasis on key transition points.

We have strong links with the University of Bristol and we encourage our students to apply to the Access to Bristol course which involves them completing an eight week course for one afternoon per week on the university campus. This gives our students a valuable insight into what it would be like to study their preferred course at university level.

Girls at any stage of their school career are welcome to visit and use the resources in our Careers room which is adjacent to the New Dining Room and Sixth Form Resource Centre.

More specific support and guidance is also offered to Oxbridge, Medicine, Veterinary and Law students both in school and through our strong links to universities and local businesses. Please see the ‘Access to…’ pages for more information.

We understand that university is not always the best or preferred route for every student and, as such, we offer support and advice on applying to apprenticeship schemes and employment opportunities. This is supported by a range of visiting speakers.

Girls are invited to attend any of the lunchtime careers seminars to find out more about particular career areas.

Additionally, there are a variety of different opportunities which arise throughout the year and these are regularly promoted to students.

Curriculum Outline

Year 12

Sixth Formers start researching their degree courses during Year 12 and will use the Careers Room during some mentor sessions, as well being able to use the resources at any other time.

The University Open Day at UWE in April gives girls the opportunity to find out about most UK universities: They will prepare for this day during mentor sessions to help them gain the most from it.

The “UCAS Day” in June will introduce them to the UCAS process as well as giving them useful practice in interview techniques.

Students register with UCAS at the end of Year 12.

Year 13

In September, sixth formers will meet recent Colston’s Girls who have completed their first year out of school. They will have the opportunity to ask questions and find out about the highs and lows of university or working life.

Shortly after, parents and students are invited into school for an information evening on applying to university and finance (hosted by the University of Bath). Colston’s Girls’ School is also a registered member of the UWE Heading Higher Passport Scheme and many of our students are eligible to receive 70 extra UCAS points for attending this university.

UCAS applications need to be submitted by October half term. Girls who are applying to university will receive support from their mentor to help them produce their personal statement.

As well as university, students may be considering apprenticeships, gap years, or other employment, and they will be supported through the research, options and decision making process.

Girls are invited to attend any of the lunchtime careers seminars to find out more about particular career areas.

Access to …

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There is a range of books and publications to browse in the Careers Library, covering subjects from part time jobs, to gap year ideas, to what it’s like to work in many industries.

Plus, here are a few websites to get you thinking:

Gap years warts and all and  Independent Gap Year Advice


It is never to early or too late to take on extra activities. Not only are these great fun, but they will really help you stand out against the crowd when you apply for university or for jobs. Taking part in clubs either in and out of school will help you develop transferrable skills, gain confidence, and learn more about what you really enjoy. Music, sports, arts, Guides, volunteering, Duke of Edinburgh: Try something new and you won’t regret it.

Our students say

“My academic staff and mentor helped me redraft my personal statement so many times. It was hard at the time but I got the offer I wanted.

I was nervous about interviews but after some practice I realised that I have a lot of skills that I can talk about!”

UCAS Information Evening 21 March 2017

Following the recent UCAS information evening, here are the various materials used on the night.

UCAS Process – Colstons Girls School (21-3-2017) (1)

Introduction to Apprenticeships

CGS Alumni Naomi BT Apprentice

CGS Advanced & Higher Apprenticeship Guide

Labour Market Information

Information on Apprenticeships

NASBC520 – Guide to Apprenticeships – Learner Brochure

Higher and Degree Apprenticeship Factsheet

Higher and Degree Apprenticeships – which University?

How to write a winning application.

Staff Contact

  • Mr M Roulston – Head of Careers